Marie-Claire & Jakes Magical Day

Date: 28th January 2018

marieclaire & Jake collage.jpg

It all began on a beautiful Summers day, the horses were adorned in their custom bridals and the flowers were hanging from our rustic chandelier under the Fig Tree. 


The Lake Edge was set with our long marquees, flowers hanging from the rafters and fairly lights strung on the beams making for what will be a magical evening!


The Bride was happily dressing in our Heritage House Bridal Suite and everything was coming into place....

It all sounds too good to be true and its almost as if I'm about to talk about a great wedding catastrophe but nope...the day was a perfect we at Fernbank were very glad to be a part of.


Photographer: Scott James Ward | Ceremony: The Fig Tree | Reception: Lake Edge Sit down Dinner & Cocktail Marquee for Desert | Location & Styling: Fernbank Farm | Catering: Cateraid | Bar Service: Cateraid | Music: Brides brother Chris  | Celebrant: Adrian Hayne | Cake:  Nutmeg Cakes | Horse & Carriage: Fernbank Farm | Makeup: April Harvey Makeup Artist